The Layers of Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz is the master of layering his house music with texture.  Empowering light shows call the audience to free themselves from their body and dance.  Eric Prydz uses strong dynamics to infect the song with uplifting energy.  With his texturing ability, it would make sense Eric would assume a different identity for each ambience he produces.  Call him Pryda and his music becomes infused with dark, melodic layers.  It is worth analyzing the aliases of Eric Prydz.

The song is Every Day and his identity is Eric Prydz.  Every Day ‘s strong lyrical hook, “If every day goes like this, how do we survive?” acknowledges the hardship of everyday life.  Look no further for relief.  The momentous track ensnares the audience.  Every Day offers the listener an exceptional feeling of freedom.


Take Power Drive and the name of Pryda, and you will receive an ambient energy filled with dark nuances.  In this song there is strength.  Pryda proclaims within this track as being ‘one of the great’.  Pryda manages to create a driven, energetic sound of focused chaos.  Power Drive is like being behind the wheel of a Ferrari in a high speed car chase.


Pryda’s Allein stands to be a stadium anthem.  Allein is a combination of celebration on the beach in the summer and desire to be soaring on clouds in the sky.  There are no dark traits mixed into this song.  It is a song of revolution and camaraderie.  Allein is subtle in terms of dynamics but uses different voices to contrast the musical spectrum of the song.


Glow is the ultimate house dance track.  And still Eric uses another name to properly categorize this unique sound from Glow.  It is Cirez D, I’m serious.  Cirez D’s alias is a genius of electronic dance music.  Progressive and captivating, Cirez D’s, Glow ranks towards the top of Eric’s best tracks.  Glow blends rhythmical sounds through each other with perfect dynamics.


Eric Prydz is a musical prodigy with varying musical styles.  Without the light shows, Eric would still call his audience to action; it is the music which frees his listeners from concerns of daily life.  Every song delivers its own intensity and liveliness, and it is compelling reason to differentiate names between styles.  Each style offers an exciting sound, and each style propels Eric Prydz higher into the history of electronic dance music’s archives.

Ibiza oh how i miss you

If you haven’t heard of the island of Ibiza and you proclaim yourself as a lover of electronic dance music, then you need to shoot yourself in the foot.

I am already experiencing the Ibiza blues after missing out on going to the island this year.

On the surface Ibiza is known for its ridiculous off the wall party atmosphere but beneath the surface there is still a hippy influenced hedonistic lifestyle that you must experience on the island.

If you love music. If you love freedom. And if you love YOU, you need to go and experience it guys… age is not a barrier for this magical place!

Oh yes, we are back!

It has taken some time to get the website sorted but we are back! Thank you so much for your time and patience. We leave you with this first post and inspirational message.

Much love.